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Resulting from the merger of a Montreal based web hosting company and an internet marketing start-up, Nexwave has become a one-stop-shop for small businesses and start-up companies looking for down-to-earth internet marketing services adapted to their needs. By combining technical and administrative expertise, our team of young professionals delivers internet marketing services which focus on business objectives.

What is Nexwave?

Who we are

Nexwave is an Internet marketing agency based in Montreal, Quebec. Driven by a passion for business and information technology, our team of experts was convened to help make businesses more visible and accessible through the application of web technology and Internet Marketing Strategies.

We distinguish ourselves by the synergy of our skills. Every member of Nexwave possesses advanced understanding of modern web technologies and has excellent business experience whether it comes from entrepreneurship or Business School academics.

What does Nexwave do?

What we do

We offer website management services, website advertising services and web hosting services for any industry in the province of Quebec. Our customers appreciate the quality of our personalized services, which adapt well to the management styles of small businesses.

We offer possibilities, whether you wish to outsource your internet marketing or have it managed internally is up to you. Our experts can manage your campaigns and they can also train and guide your marketing team to improve their skills in website strategy.

Whether our intervention involves creating your business website or running an online advertising campaign, you will find our services very beneficial.

What is Nexwave's mission?

Our Mission

Nexwave strives to help companies from the province of Quebec acquire the competitive advantages that the internet economy and information technologies have to offer. In the fast-paced world of internet we guide small businesses in the right direction by quickly responding to trend changes and strategy variations. Our ultimate objective is to become every small business' one-stop-shop for all their internet marketing needs.

What are Nexwave's values?

Our Values