System Administration Customized to Your Needs

2 hours 4 hours 6 hours 8 hours 10 hours
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*Includes the MX-records configuration, and up to 10 user accounts
Savings 0% 5% 10% 15% 20%
Cost 130$ 247$
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you save 39$ !
you save 78$ !
you save 130$ !
Extras Free G Suitetm setup* Free G Suitetm setup* Free G Suitetm setup*

At Nexwave we do things differently

In addition to any web hosting or VPS service our clients can also package a No-Hassle bundle, entitling them to many advantages for hosting or VPS accounts with Nexwave, you could even save up to 20% on technical support!.

Our No-Hassle service is all about letting us manage and maintain your hosting accounts. Our system administrators will take care of all your hosting-related needs!

The Advantages of our No-Hassle Service
Otherwise With No-Hassle Bundles
Hourly rate 65$ per hour as low as 52$ per hour
Minimal charge 65$ per-minute charge
Potential Delays may vary based on line-up priority service
Out-of-office-hours 20% additional fees no penalties
Services covered
  • Email account creation and modifications
  • FTP user creation and modifications
  • Database creation, importing, exporting and database user creation
  • WebSpace creation and configuration
  • .htaccess issue corrections
  • .phpini issue corrections
  • Application installation (not all applications are supported)
  • CMS Installation (not all CMS are supported)
  • VPS installation, configuration, administration and security
  • Website transfer to Nexwave
  • Website content management (limited)
  • Hosting account transfer to Nexwave

G Suite Special

We even include technical support and service administration for G Suite!